Values, Mission, & Vision










CCH Core Values:

  1. God-first, Christ-centered, and Spirit-filled identity as expressed in the Bible
  2. Spiritual growth with healthy, relational accountability (through small groups)
  3. Commitment & follow-through (Spirit of excellence in everything we do)
  4. Ministering as a team (Every member is a minister)
  5. Passionate, relational evangelism among our growing sphere of influence


CCH Mission:

ENGAGING, DEVELOPING, & SENDING one another as disciples to transform our world for the glory of God.


CCH Vision:

We are building a thriving, multi-cultural ministry

that expands God's kingdom through purposeful service that

will transform our community and sphere of influence,

including the planting of a new church for every vision cycle.

We expect to accomplish this by . . .

  1. Increasingly touching the lives of children & families from Joyful Noise:  our Learning Center (2-5 yrs), Joy Club (before- and after-school program), Transitional Kindergarten, Infant/toddler care; & Internet ministry (e.g., through volunteers & ministry events).  [This is the previous vision path foundation we are continuing to build upon.]
  2. Fine-tuning our Discipleship process.  [When we don't understand this process of developing one another to spiritual maturity & purposeful service, we miss God's greater purpose for our life.]
    1. Become a church of community groups, not just with community groups as part of membership.  [Each member is expected to participate in a community group because this is where we maximize on discipleship that leads to service.]
    2. Revamp our Men, Women, Youth, Marriage, Celebrate Recovery, & community groups to reflect our developing spiritual maturity to service process.
  3. Establishing an ESL (English as a Second Language) program.
  4. Establishing a significant video ministry.
  5. Eventually, we are preparing to further expand God's kingdom by reproducing ourselves through planting another church that remains in touch with the people & needs of their own community [like any healthy church should] (by the end of 2017).


CCH  mottoLOVING each other back to health.


Small group mottoDECIDE. CONNECT. THRIVE!