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These are our most recently recorded Sunday sermons.  Feel free to listen and/or download any of them.  If you believe it would make a difference in the life of a loved one, please encourage them to listen or download a copy for them.  Our prayer is that God will richly bless you and your loved ones.

Remember, if you would personally like to join us, our SUNDAY WORSHIP service begins at 11:00 a.m. 

A time of FELLOWSHIP follows immediately after our Sunday service.


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11/03/2019Manuel Magaña Jesus is anointed at Bethany
Sunday sermon Mark 14:1-11
Download Sermon (Mark 14.1-11).mp3
10/27/2019Manuel Magaña Keep watch: Are we ready?
Sunday sermon Mark 13:24-37
Download Sermon (Mark 13.24-37).mp3
10/13/2019Manuel Magaña Keep watch: Jesus is the one & only Messiah!
Sunday sermon Mark 13:1-23
Download Sermon (Mark 13.1-23).mp3
10/06/2019Manuel Magaña Jesus' Messiahship is Not Limited
Sunday sermon Mark 12:35-44
Download Sermon_Mark_12.35-44_AEFmtConversion1570563376999.mp3
09/29/2019Manuel Magaña Loving God & Loving Neighbor
Sunday sermon Mark 12:28-34
Download Sermon_Mark_12.28-34_AEFmtConversion1570563546761.mp3
09/15/2019Manuel Magana Marriage and the Resurrection
Sunday service Mark 12.18-27
Download Sermon_Mark_12.18-27.mp3

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